Public Works

Public Works Manager: Joseph V. Santogrossi Jr.
Administrative Clerk: Donna Fitzgerald

856-299-7082  /  Fax: 856-299-7119

344 Penns Grove-Auburn Road; Carney’s Point, NJ 08069


  • Provide daily trash and recyclable pickup
  • Dispose of tree trimmings and logs for residents
  • Pickup concrete, bricks, cinder blocks, etc.
  • Collect discarded appliances
  • Maintain park and recreation complex
  • Maintain township roads including snow removal, road signs, fixing pot holes, street sweeping
  • Maintaining storm drains

Office Hours

  • Labor Day to Memorial Day: Mon – Fri / 7am-3:30pm
  • Memorial Day to Labor Day: Mon – Fri / 6am-2:30pm

Please see this list of projects that the administration in working on with the engineer. The list gives a summary of projects. This list was compiled by our municipal engineer Sean Smith Co.

Trash Pickup Days

Alphabetical by Street

Street Pickup Day
Airy Avenue Tuesday
Barber Avenue Thursday
Bay Street Tuesday
Beach Avenue Tuesday
Cedar Street Tuesday
Church Street Tuesday
Cove Road Tuesday
Cumberland Avenue Thursday
Cypress Street Tuesday
Delaware Avenue Wednesday
Delaware Drive Tuesday
Deming Avenue Thursday
Denny Avenue Wednesday
Diver Avenue Thursday
Dixie Drive Thursday
East Griffith Street Thursday
East Harmony Street Thursday
East Line Street Wednesday
East Main Street (County 675) Thursday
East Pitman Street Thursday
East Union Street Thursday
Elvin Avenue Thursday
Featherer Avenue Thursday
Franklin Street Wednesday
Garnet Avenue Tuesday
Gillette Avenue Thursday
Gillison Avenue Thursday
Guest Street Wednesday
Harold Avenue Thursday
Hayes Street Tuesday
Howard Street Thursday
Huffman Avenue Thursday
Iona Avenue Thursday
Jason Circle Thursday
John Street Tuesday
Lanning Avenue Wednesday
Lincoln Avenue Thursday
Maple Street Tuesday
Marsden Avenue Thursday
Mary Street Tuesday
Maryland Avenue Thursday
Mill Street Tuesday
Miller Avenue Thursday
Mitchell Avenue Tuesday
Morgan Street Tuesday
Morris Avenue Wednesday
Naylor Avenue Tuesday
New Street Wednesday
Norman Avenue Thursday
North Broad Street (County 607) Wednesday
Park Avenue Thursday
Pearl Street Wednesday
Penn Street Wednesday
Plant Road Tuesday
Popular Street Wednesday
Railroad Avenue Tuesday
Risner Avenue Wednesday
River Walk Tuesday
Sack Avenue Tuesday
Simpkins Avenue Tuesday
Smith Avenue Thursday
South Broad Street (County 607) Tuesday
South Park Avenue Tuesday
Spring Street Tuesday
Spruce Street Tuesday
State Street (County 634) Tuesday
Summerill Avenue Tuesday
Torton Street Thursday
Trumball Avenue Thursday
Turner Avenue Wednesday
Tyrone Avenue Tuesday
Virginia Avenue (State 130) Thursday
Walnut Street Thursday
West Griffith Street Wednesday
West Harmony Street Wednesday
West Line Street Wednesday
West Main Street ( County 675) Wednesday
West Pitman Street Wednesday
West Union Street Wednesday
Westminster Avenue Tuesday
Willis Street Thursday
Woods Avenue Wednesday
Wright Street Wednesday