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The Borough of Penns Grove is accepting applications for grants. The grant award will not exceed $25,000. You grant should support Penns Grove at-risk youth, adults, and/or families who have been impacted by the criminal justice system, either as perpetrators or victims. Applicants should include funding a program that works to break often-generational cycles that lead to violence, substance abuse, and/or crime, by giving participants insight into their own strengths and abilities to create legal paths to success. The Borough of Penns Grove will invest up to $25,000 for the community based public safety project that will reduce violence in the borough. All grants applications will be reviewed by a committee.

Due Date
Applications are due January 18, 2022 no later than 3:59pm.

If you have any questions, they must be emailed to borough administrator Sean M. Brown at . Put GRANT question in the subject line. Your question will be posted online along with the answer. Your name will not be included. This is to give everyone the same opportunity for success.

Grant Application

Tip: Copy and paste starting with “Please respond to”. Add your answers.


  • Must have 501c3 status or applicant must partner with an organization that does. The sponsor will get the money and be responsible for disbursement to the program. The eligibility will apply to the lead organization, not the sponsor.
  • Organization must be based in Penns Grove or have a pre-
  • existing history with working in Penns Grove
    No more than 40% of grant may be used for administrative costs

Rules for submitting

  • Must be no more than 10 pages on 8 ½ x 11 paper
  • Paper clip each application
  • Use 1.5 or double spacing
  • Must print five copies and drop them off to:
    ATTN: Grant Reviewers
    Sharon Williams
    Municipal Clerk
    1 State St
    Penns Grove, NJ 08069

Please respond to the following:

  • Legal Name of Organization
  • Address
  • City
  • Email address
  • Authorized Contact Person
  • Title
  • Year founded
  • Total current operating budget
  • Primary source of funds
  • Facebook page
  • Website

Grant specific and programmatic questions:

  • Do you have 501c3 status designated by the IRS?

    Submit a copy of designation and copy of New Jersey certificate

    If not, do you have a fiscal sponsor that has 501c3 status? If so, include a letter from the fiscal sponsor, signed by director or board president/chair.

    [Note: If you do not have 501c3 status, you must partner with an organization that does. Your organization must be registered with the state of New Jersey Division of Taxation as a non-profit organization.]

  • What is your EIN?
  • HISTORY: What is your history in Penns Grove? [no more than 100 words]
  • MISSION: Organization mission [no more than 100 words]
  • PROBLEM: What problem does your organization or this specific program solve? [no more than 250 words]
  • SUCCESS: What is a prior organization success story? [no more than 500 words]
  • PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Describe your program to address violence in Penns Grove? How will money be used? [no more than 1000 words]
  • QUANTITY: How many people will be served/helped?
  • EVIDENCE*: What evidence do you have that the model for your program is effective [this is known as Evidence Based Programs]? You may include data, peer reviewed/academic research, or research based examples. [No more than 1000 words] This is a bonus question. Not required.
  • BUDGET: What is your program budget?
  • NARRATIVE: Please provide a narrative or explanation for the budget. [no more than 1,000 words]
  • SUSTAINABILITY: How will your program continue beyond the funding from this grant? [no more than 250 words]