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Motorized Bicycles have Rules and Regulations that must be adhered to for the safety of all

Apr 19, 2018

In Recent days, the Borough of Penns Grove has seen an increase in the amount of Motorized Bicycles in the area.

The definition of a Motorized Bicycle is: a pedal bicycle with a helper motor having either a pistol displacement of less the 50cc or rated no more than 1.5 horsepower, and the bicycle is capable of a maximum speed of no more the 25 MPH

All residents and riders of these vehicles should be aware that there are Rules and Regulations for  Motorized Bicycles that must be adhered to at all times to be driven legally by anyone, anywhere; to include but not limited to the roadways, sidewalks, anywhere!

Click the link below to become aware of what your responsibilities as an Owner/Driver, or as a citizen just wondering.