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Recent Trash Collection Delays

Apr 7, 2023

Cypress Ave,Good evening, Residents of Penns Grove,
As a result of the delay in trash pick up today, I had an extensive meeting with our trash collection provider to discuss the disruptions in weekly trash collection. I have been assured that there will be no further disruptions and have advised them that further service interruptions are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We understand that they are working under emergent circumstances and that adjustments have been necessary, but at this juncture, the level of service MUST increase.                                                                               
One of the challenges that does not fall on the trash company is that there is a high volume of trash at the beginning of the month when people are moving out of rented houses and apartments.                                                                            
Although house clean-out items are not permitted for trash pick-up, in order to keep the borough clean, they have picked up those items as well. This results in over-filling the trash truck, less space for residential trash, and more trips to the landfill, causing delays. In addition to this, non-residents have been dropping off bags of trash in various places in the borough, which we are required to pick up. Illegal dumping has also contributed to the increased volumes of trash, causing delays.                                                                            
The company has now made adjustments for these fluctuations by supplying us with an additional trash truck and moving to a two-day trash collection schedule each week beginning next Wednesday April 12th and Thursday April 13th). Please see new trash schedule and bulk item list below. For details regarding trash and bulk items, visit:                                      
I have instructed them to appear at the next council meeting on Tuesday, April 18th to explain any issues with trash collection and to advise how those issues have been resolved.                                                                                                                       
Please keep in mind that this change in trash service is not something that we wanted- but it was something that was forced upon us. Nonetheless, we have been assured that the disruptions have been worked out and the residents will get the level of service that you deserve.                                                           
Following our meeting today, Direct Waste Services forwarded the attached letter-apologizing for the disruptions in service.                                                                        
Revised Trash Route with A Two Day Schedule – Beginning Wednesday April 12, 2023 – Trash Out the Night Before (Recycling Schedule remains every other Friday)                                                                                                                                             

Wednesday:  Barber Avenue, Delaware Avenue, Denny Avenue, E Griffith Street, E Harmony Street, E Line Street, E Main Street, E Pitman Street, E Union Street, Elvin Avenue, Franklin Street, Guest Street, John Street, Lanning Ave, Mary Street, Mitchell Avenue, Morris Ave, N Broad Street, N Smith Ave, N Virginia Ave, New Street, Pearl Street, Penn Street, Poplar Street, Risner Ave, S Broad Street, Turner Ave, W Griffith Street, W Harmony Street, W Line Street, W Main Street, W Pitman Street, W Union Street, Westminster Avenue, Woods Ave, Wright Street

Thursday:  Airy Ave, Bay Street, Beach Ave, Cedar Road, Church Street, Cove Road, Cumberland Ave, Cypress Ave, Delaware Drive, Deming Ave, Diver Ave, Dixie Drive, E Main Street (Harding Hwy.), Featherer Ave, Garnet Street, Gillette Ave, Gillison Ave, Howard Street, Iona Ave, Maple Ave, Marsden Ave, Maryland Ave, Mill Street, Miller Ave, Naylor Ave, N Norman Ave, Park Ave, Railroad Ave, Regional Drive, S Riverwalk, S Smith Ave, S Norman Ave, S Virginia Ave, Sack Ave, Simpkins Place, Spring Street, Spruce Street, State Street, Summerill Ave,  Torton Ave, Trumbell Ave, Tyrone Ave, Walnut Street, Willis Street

2023 Holiday Trash Schedule:

Martin Luther King Day – No Change.                                                                                        President’s Day – No Change                                                                                                          Memorial Day – No Change                                                                                                              Fourth of July – No Change                                                                                                              Labor Day – No Change                                                                                                                      Columbus Day – No Change                                                                                                            Veteran’s Day – No Change                                                                                                              Thanksgiving –  No Trash Thursday, Thursday’s Trash will be collected on Friday                                                                                                                                      Christmas Day – No Change                                                                                                            New Year’s Day – No Change