Sunset behind Delaware Memorial Bridge

Revised Trash Route

Apr 5, 2023

Revised Trash Route With A Two Day Schedule – Beginning Wednesday April 12, 2023 – Trash Out The Night Before

Wednesday:  Barber Avenue, Delaware Avenue, Denny Avenue, E Griffith Street, E Harmony Street, E Line Street, E Main Street, E Pitman Street, E Union Street, Elvin Avenue, Franklin Street, Guest Street, John Street, Lanning Ave, Mary Street, Mitchell Avenue, Morris Ave, N Broad Street, N Smith Ave, N Virginia Ave, New Street, Pearl Street, Penn Street, Poplar Street, Risner Ave, S Broad Street, Turner Ave, W Griffith Street, W Harmony Street, W Line Street, W Main Street, W Pitman Street, W Union Street, Westminster Avenue, Woods Ave, Wright Street

Thursday:  Airy Ave, Bay Street, Beach Ave, Cedar Road, Church Street, Cove Road, Cumberland Ave, Cypress Ave, Delaware Drive, Deming Ave, Diver Ave, Dixie Drive, E Main Street (Harding Hwy.), Featherer Ave, Garnet Street, Gillette Ave, Gillison Ave, Howard Street, Iona Ave, Maple Ave, Marsden Ave, Maryland Ave, Mill Street, Miller Ave, Naylor Ave, N Norman Ave, Park Ave, Railroad Ave, Regional Drive, S Riverwalk, S Smith Ave, S Norman Ave, S Virginia Ave, Sack Ave, Simpkins Place, Spring Street, Spruce Street, State Street, Summerill Ave,  Torton Ave, Trumbell Ave, Tyrone Ave, Walnut Street, Willis Street

2023 Holiday Trash Schedule:

Martin Luther King Day – No Change.                                                                                        President’s Day – No Change                                                                                                          Memorial Day – No Change                                                                                                              Fourth of July – No Change                                                                                                              Labor Day – No Change                                                                                                                      Columbus Day – No Change                                                                                                            Veteran’s Day – No Change                                                                                                              Thanksgiving –  No Trash Thursday, Thursday’s Trash will be collected on Friday                                                                                                                                                  Christmas Day – No Change                                                                                                            New Year’s Day – No Change

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