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Code Enforcement


Most frequent violations

  • 198-1 – Brush, grass, weeds, and debris
  • 298-5 – Storage of tires
  • 298-7 – inoperable vehicles
  • 298-4 – Bulks household waste: mattress, trash

Property Maintenance is an essential part of maintaining the appearance of the Borough of Penns Grove. This code holds property owners responsible for the up keep of their properties. The Borough takes an aggressive approach toward addressing and correcting property maintenance violations. In addition to regulating the overall appearance of properties, the code addresses maintenance of grass, weeds, trees, shrubs, trash, debris, building exteriors, fences, sidewalks, and vehicle storage.

Owners whose property violates any provision of the code are notified to correct the violation(s) and comply with the regulations. Owners who do not abide by the laws are taken to court and if necessary, the Borough can make the necessary repairs and bill the owners.

How to Make a Complaint

If you have a complaint about a neighbor or any property owner in the Borough that is related to property maintenance, you may submit complaint using our online form.

When a complaint is received, the Code Enforcement Officer or Deputy Code Officer will go to the property and do an inspection. If violations of the Property Maintenance Code are found, the owner will receive a warning to comply, known as a 10 day notice. The landlord, tenant, or home/business owner has 10 days to correct the problem if it’s the first notice.

If the property owner does not contact the Code Enforcement Department or abate the violation(s), a court summons is issued. It can take up to a month before the case goes before the court. After a summons is issued the Borough will take the necessary action to abate the violation and put a lien on the property for the costs of having the violation abated. This complete process can sometimes take up to two months from start to finish.