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Public Works

Public Works Services

1 State State Street, Penns Grove, NJ 08069
TEL: 856-299-0098 Ext. 116
FAX: 856-299-3411

MISSION STATEMENT Provide weekly trash and bi-weekly recyclable pickup, dispose of tree trimmings, and logs for residents, and collect discarded appliances. Maintain park and recreation complex, borough roads, (snow removal, road signs, pot holes, street sweeping), and storm drains.

Trash Collection

Wednesday:  Barber Avenue, Delaware Avenue, Denny Avenue, E Griffith Street, E Harmony Street, E Line Street, E Main Street, E Pitman Street, E Union Street, Elvin Avenue, Franklin Street, Guest Street, John Street, Lanning Ave, Mary Street, Mitchell Avenue, Morris Ave, N Broad Street, N Smith Ave, N Virginia Ave, New Street, Pearl Street, Penn Street, Poplar Street, Risner Ave, S Broad Street, Turner Ave, W Griffith Street, W Harmony Street, W Line Street, W Main Street, W Pitman Street, W Union Street, Westminster Avenue, Woods Ave, Wright Street

Thursday:  Airy Ave, Bay Street, Beach Ave, Cedar Road, Church Street, Cove Road, Cumberland Ave, Cypress Ave, Delaware Drive, Deming Ave, Diver Ave, Dixie Drive, E Main Street (Harding Hwy.), Featherer Ave, Garnet Street, Gillette Ave, Gillison Ave, Howard Street, Iona Ave, Maple Ave, Marsden Ave, Maryland Ave, Mill Street, Miller Ave, Naylor Ave, N Norman Ave, Park Ave, Railroad Ave, Regional Drive, S Riverwalk, S Smith Ave, S Norman Ave, S Virginia Ave, Sack Ave, Simpkins Place, Spring Street, Spruce Street, State Street, Summerill Ave,  Torton Ave, Trumbell Ave, Tyrone Ave, Walnut Street, Willis Street

2023 Holiday Trash Schedule:

  • Martin Luther King Day – No Change.
  • President’s Day – No Change
  • Memorial Day – No Change
  • Fourth of July – No Change
  • Labor Day – No Change
  • Columbus Day – No Change
  • Veteran’s Day – No Change
  • Thanksgiving –  No Trash Thursday, Thursday’s Trash will be collected on Friday
  • Christmas Day – No Change
  • New Year’s Day – No Change

RESIDENTIAL TRASH COLLECTION:  Trash should be curbside the evening prior to your pick up day but in no case should it be later than 5AM the day of scheduled collection. Maximum weight is 60 pounds per container. Maximum capacity for trash cans/containers is 32 gallons.

BULK ITEMS: Bulk trash such as mattresses (must be wrapped in plastic), wood bed frames, furniture, rugs (tied and cut in 3 ft. lengths), appliances and similar items should be placed at the curb for collection on your regular trash day. You must first purchase a Bulk Sticker at the Borough Hall for each bulk item and place that sticker on the item. Bulk items not displaying a sticker will NOT be picked up and if not removed will result in a citation.

Brush Collection

Pursuant to State Stormwater Management Regulations, debris may NOT be placed in the roadway or within 10 feet of storm drain outlets.

The Borough will collect brush that is less than 12″ in diameter or less and cut in 3′ lengths and neatly placed at the curb (not in the street). Brush must be kept on your own property and is NOT to be placed at the curb until the weekend before your scheduled pick up. Your brush must be put out no later than 7:00 AM on the Monday of your designated week and will be collected some time during that week.  THERE IS NO BRUSH COLLECTION DURING THE FALL LEAF SEASON.

If your trash is picked up on Wednesday, your brush collection will be the FIRST Monday of the month.
If your trash is picked up on Thursday, your brush collection will be the SECOND Monday of the month.

GRASS CLIPPINGS, should be placed in trash cans or plastic bags and placed at the curb for pick up with your regular trash.  Keep in mind the weight limit of 60 lbs max.

Subject to Bulk Pick-up on your designated trash day. All nails and screws must be removed and wood must be cut 3ft, bundled, and tied.

CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS:  Small amounts of residential construction debris from minor projects will be collected. Generally these projects produce less than 1 cubic yard (3′ x 3′ x 3″) of waste. Construction debris from larger projects will not be collected and is the residents’ and/or contractors’ responsibility for proper removal and disposal.

Concrete, concrete blocks or brick cannot be collected by Public Works.

HAZARDOUS WASTE, TELEVISIONS, ELECTRONICS:  The Borough cannot accept these items.


Recycling pick up is every other Friday in the entire town. Recycling should be placed curbside the evening prior to the pick up day but in no case should it be later than 5AM the day of scheduled collection.


Letter from trash company apologizing