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Borough 2024 Master Plan

Apr 22, 2024

Download the Master Plan PDF (7.7mb)
Penns Grove Borough Master Plan coverThe Penns Grove Master Plan is a comprehensive document that outlines the long-term vision and goals for the development and growth of Penns Grove Borough. The development of this Master Plan involved valuable input from various stakeholders, including the Master Plan Steering Committee, community residents and Municipal staff. The master plan addresses land use, environmental concerns, and economic development strategies. It serves as a guide for decision-making and provides a framework for land use regulations and policies, and development strategies to ensure the sustainable and cohesive growth of the community. This Master Plan outlines two critical plan elements – the Land Use Plan Element and Economic Development Plan Element.

Adopting both a land use plan element and an economic development plan element is crucial for fostering sustainable growth and prosperity within the Borough and it is important that these elements work cohesively to ensure development goals and strategies are aligned. By aligning these elements, the community can ensure that land use decisions support economic objectives and vice versa. Furthermore, integrating land use and economic development planning helps in allocating resources more effectively. For instance, identifying areas for commercial development in the land use plan can guide economic development efforts to attract businesses to those areas, leveraging existing infrastructure and resources.

Both elements necessitate considerations for community development and investment. A land use plan element may identify the need for new roads, utilities, and public facilities to support growth, while an economic development plan element may prioritize investments in infrastructure to attract businesses and stimulate job creation. Coordinating these efforts ensures that community investments are strategically aligned with land use and economic goals. Collaboration between land use and economic development planning contributes to enhancing the overall quality of life in the community. By promoting mixed-use development, walkable neighborhoods, and access to amenities, these plans can create attractive environments for residents, workers, and visitors, fostering a sense of community and well-being.

In essence, the integration of land use and economic development planning allows Penns Grove to pursue a comprehensive approach to community development, where land use decisions are informed by economic considerations and economic strategies are supported by thoughtful land use policies. This synergy ultimately leads to more resilient, vibrant, and sustainable community.

Download the Master Plan PDF (7.7mb)